Name: Daniel & Amy Lecour
Location: Brevard Co
Comments: The water has made a drastic change from before – it tastes so much better and we absolutely love the fact that we have clean water for our family.
Name: Zong Yang
Location: Lakeland, FL
Comments: I have purchased other company’s products but they didn’t deliver as expected. We’ve had problems with our water prior to the purchase. A friend of our recommended Rainsoft was the best system out there. We are very happy after we made our decision.
Name: Joseph Byrd
Location: Deltona, FL
Comments: Rainsoft is a wonderful product. My family can enjoy the clean fresh tasting water. Our skin is so soft. Cleaning the house is much easier and we clean less often.
Name: Peggy Burrell
Location: Brandon, FL
Comments: We enjoy our Rainsoft and every drink we have of the refreshing pure water. It just makes my day, especially having to wash all my fruits and veggies in this wonderfully soft and clean water. My husband’s recent comment was how much soapy lather he enjoyed when he took his shower this morning. We are very pleased as well with the air vent system and the way it takes care of the household odors.
Name: Gabriel and Sara Hernandez
Location: Apopka, FL
Comments: The presentation was very well done. We saw the differences between the water we were drinking and the Rainsoft water. The presenter was very polite and knowledgeable. Once the system was installed immediately I felt the difference when I washed my hands. The water was soft and it has a silky feeling. The installers were polite and friendly. Thank you so much!
Name: Wanda Santana
Location: Gainsville, FL
Comments: Excellent presentation by Rob, who is very customer oriented, with great personality. The product is showing to be what Rob explained to us it would be. We noticed the difference in the water, especially the taste. Very satisfied with the complimentary products. Excellent customer service provided byAndy when he came to our house he explained everything in details and answered all of our questions.
Name: John Deveer
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Comments: All I can say is:
10, A+, EXCELLENT!Thank you!

Name: Kenia Kopitar
Comments: Equipment: Solar Package
I had good information at first. Courtney was very patient to answer all my questions about energy and all link she me to save a lot of money.
Reggie and the other guys involved were really polite and did a good job.
Name: Brie Ritchey
Comments: Malcolm and Brian both worked continuously all day – were pleasant and efficient. They should be considered great reps for your firm!
Name: Patricia & Mikel Merek
Comments: Mark, the installer came and laser measured our bathrooms for proper fit. Materials ordered to our specifications and delivered within ten days!
Two days per bathroom because we had on tube removed and a shower pan installed, which was the only waste generated. He hauled all the waste away. Some sheet rock replaced. All of the wood was good. Our home was built 1961, cast iron plumbing; Mark was able to make it all work. he even made improvements to the existing plumbing with NO EXTRA COST to us.

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