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Kenneth Pace, Palm Bay, FL64 viewsMy compliments to your sales person Andrew, he was excellent. I thought I would never purchase a water system because I was on city water. How wrong was I? I like the way the water feels on my skin after bathing. I know it sounds weird from a sixty year old man, but I am also happy to learn my grandchild will be drinking our tap water instead of bottled water. Big savings there..
Karen Van Derbogaert, Dover, FL49 viewsRemoved iron from our water, toilets, appliances, etc. Less cleaning needed. Was impressed with how much soap was left in clothes from old water system, and how much cleaner clothes are – no soap residue. The taste of the water is 10 times better than our well water was before.
Patricia Lezynski, Valrico, FL 50 viewsI don't have to buy bottled water anymore. I use less soap and laundry detergent. The rings around the toilet disappeared. Taking a shower is a real pleasure.
Carmen Ponce De Leon, Winter Park, FL 136 viewsI must admit that I was hesitant to have my “water tested” by a pushy salesman. However, Brian was friendly, knowledgeable and made it a learning experience for me. As a matter of fact the units were installed the next day without complications. The installers were friendly, informative and best of all left my home debris free. Larry, the finance guy explained the paperwork fully to me and answered all my questions without hesitation. All in al
Tammy and Alvie Bishop, Lakeland, FL 94 viewsWe had our water tested and we didn’t like the results. I bought to keep our family healthy. It was a great decision.
Linda Drogo, Palm Cost, FL 59 viewsOur sales rep was very nice and extremely informative. During the demo I could immediately feel and taste the difference in the water. I would and will recommend the system to my friends and family.
Becky Talbot, Edgewater, FL 49 viewsI am very impressed with Rainsoft. The water tastes great for drinking and feels nice on my skin. April explained how everything works. I am looking forward to letting friends know about Rainsoft.
Francis Bitz49 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
Nick was pleasant, polite, professional and efficient. I am highly satisfied with the end result. Looking forward to the benefits from the soft water.

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Joan Garvey68 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
Technician showed up in time, was polite and efficient. Very good service!
Sep 24, 2012
Patricia Berube78 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
The sales person, installer and water tester at the end were very nice, informative and polite. We are very happy with our new system and although products are new to us so far we like what we've used.
Sep 24, 2012
Dana Staggs58 viewsEquipment: EC475CV, OxyTech, Ao3
Love the laundry with the soft water - a must for every home!
Sep 24, 2012
Tom Hutchinson56 viewsEquipment: OxyTech
Salesman Bill West was very professional and knew his material. He answered all our questions and was helpful in selecting the proper system for our concerns regarding sulfur in our well water.
Installer tech Carter Burks also was very professional. He took the time to inform me about everything he was doing and way and he worked right through a heavy rain storm and was sure to accommodate my needs on placement of the system.
Sep 24, 2012
Diego Velazquez65 viewsEquipment: EC475CV, P12
John was very professional. He answered all of our questions. His presentation gave us a lot of good information.
Shawn was also very nice and explained everything regarding our new system. He was very detailed in his explanation.
Both are very nice!
Sep 24, 2012
Ronald Vaerewyck85 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
Very good service and follow up by service and install!
Sep 24, 2012
Jorge Pascual72 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
The system is great! I have no problems and the installers finished in 45 min.
Sep 24, 2012
Cheryl Hamrick39 viewsEquipment: OxyTech, EC475CV, UV Light
Paul was very informational with regard to the water system and how it would improve my water supply. At no time did I feel pressured to buy. He answered my questions effectively.
Sep 24, 2012