Installer of Solar Pool Heaters Serving Melbourne, FL

Solar Pool Heaters Melbourne FLSolar pool heaters are a common sight in Melbourne, Florida. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise as it is highly economical to heat a pool with solar energy in the Sunshine State. Solar energy is an abundant natural resource that is free – that is, as long as you have the right technology to capture and use it. If you own a pool in the Melbourne, FL, area and wish to extend your swimming season without having to spend a fortune heating it utilizing gas or electricity, then you will definitely want to look into investing in a solar pool heating system.

Solar pool heaters:

  • Extend the swimming season – You will be able to swim later in the fall and earlier in the spring with a solar pool heater installed. It’s possible that you might even be able to swim year-round if winter temperatures are mild.
  • Save energy – Why pay an exorbitant amount of money for fossil fuel-based energy when you can use sunlight instead practically for free?
  • Help the environment – A solar heater is a “green” way to heat your pool and reduce of your carbon footprint.
  • Require minimal maintenance – During their long life of 15 to 20 years, solar pool heating systems require very little maintenance.

For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a reputable installer of solar pool heaters serving Melbourne, FL. We are a family-run business that proudly offers a winning combination of top-quality products and professional installation services. Other products that we install include solar domestic hot water systems, drinking water purifiers, water softeners, and whole-house water filtration systems.