Solar Energy Options for Homeowners in Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, Melbourne, FL & Other Nearby Areas

Solar EnergyIn Florida, solar energy is nothing if not abundant. With 250-plus days of sunshine a year, Florida is an ideal place to harness the power of the sun and use it for everyday household needs, such as heating water and powering electronics. By using solar energy for these and other functions, you can lower your monthly electric bill, be kinder to the environment, and even qualify for a tax credit from the federal government. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we sell a variety of solar products that can help you “go green” and save money in the process. A solar water heater from Rheem, for example, can provide hot water on demand throughout the year, utilizing the inherent thermal properties of solar energy. By replacing your conventional water heater with one that runs off solar power, you can potentially save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the life of the unit.

Florida Energy Water & Air is an authorized dealer of solar energy products from Rheem, RUUD, Natural Light, MyGen, and SunMiser. In addition to solar water heaters, of which we have many different models available, we also offer:

  • Solar attic fans
  • Solar pool heaters
  • And more

Combined or individually, these products can help you take full advantage of one of Florida’s most abundant natural resources – solar energy. Whether you live in Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, Daytona, Melbourne, or other nearby community in central Florida, the solar specialists at Florida Energy Water & Air can assist you in selecting the solar products that best suit your needs.

To get a price on a solar water heater, a solar pool heater, or any other related product, contact us today. We also offer walk in bathtub products, air conditioning units, home water treatment systems, attic insulation, and more, all from reputable manufacturers.